My current interests look back to the archaic processes of the 19th century and to the intense curiosity that signifies the passion of the early inventors. Though considered through the lens of our century, I work with hand-applied emulsions, the camera-less photogram, printing-out paper, gold toner and paper negatives. I like the physical, hands-on aspects of these processes as well as their relationship to drawing. I look for space, or place, that can become “camera” for photogenic drawings, on paper that “prints out” or “develops-out” as it is exposed.

Both my subject and my process are tied to the concepts of immediacy, chance, time, measurement, history, memory, and fiction.

Note: Most of this work is made on Chicago Albumen Works Centennial Printing-Out Paper, and as of 2008, it is no longer being manufactured. As stated on CAW website, "Introduced in Munich in 1884, it has been one of the most long-lived printing products in the history of photography."